About Me

Who am I
Anand Thakur
4 April, 1987
+31 6 46834142
Profile sketch

Due to my positive attitude towards work and a problem solving approach, I can exceed the costumer’s expectations as a test coordinator. I am eager to learn, creative, driven and flexible. As test coordinator, I am able to use my feel for soft skills as a talented communicator. Due to my objectiveness during work, I can effectively and smoothly organize and run processes.

Tools and skills
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Test Management

In order to give proper structure to a test organisation, several processes should be managed throughout the quality imporvement process. My expertise, skill to manage stakeholers, expecations and processes can help your management to have no doubts about the quality of your test organisation.

Test Coordinator

The combination of being a good team player, organising skills, expectation management and ability to estimate resources accurately, results into a high quality in Test Coordination within your test organisation. With 3 years of experience as Test Coordinator, I am able to meet high expectations.

Test Analist

By thinking further than what I see, I am able to pin point the location of many issues. This enables me to analyse issues found during most testing phases. Also by shifting the test and quality focus towards the left side of the V-Model, I intend to analyse and forsee issues before they are built.